Raket 120 sähköstartilla moottoripaketti

Raket 120 sähköstartilla moottoripaketti
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Raket 120 sähköstartilla moottoripaketti.
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The Raket engines have been available for the younger driver for about 30 years now, but it is now time for the older drivers to get their hands on a Raket. We have made a 120 cc engine with a lot of power for hobby and leisure racing,  this engine has a built-in electric start which is powered by a 12 V battery (not included).  There is a class in Finland racing with this engine and it has become very popular with a lot of drivers on each race. The engine has 10,5 kw of Raket power, with the price of a small engine. Raket 120 Racing ES This model has a built-in electric start, you can easy start the engine with a switch on your steering wheel Power The engine delivers 10,5 kw at 9 000 rpm and the weight of only 6,9 kg complete!.



The engine is delivered complete with:

Silencer Carburettor Walbro   Throttle cable + return spring Spark plug User manual Technical data type of engine one cylinder two-stroke engine, piston control of inlet cylinder volume 118,8 stroke 42 mm bore 60 mm piston ring 1 st 1,5mm cooling fan cooled ignition transistor power 10 kw 9000rpm max rpm 13000 rpm weight 6,8 kg carburettor Walbro clutch centrifugal starter built-in electric start