AMV MG TIGER HT 130/212MM LV vannesarja

AMV MG TIGER HT 130/212MM LV vannesarja
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Tuotenumero: AMV MG TIGER HT LV
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AMV MG TIGER HT 130/212MM LV vennesarja

Product Details
Front Width: 130mm
Rear Width: 212mm
Finish: OXiTECH
Offset: 63mm

The Tiger's Design & Advantages:
The Tiger has a longer spoke design and an inner offset (63mm), enhancing wheel rigidity and providing more mechanical grip.
- Superior wheel rigidity
- Better heat transfer for more stable tire temperature and pressure
- OXiTECH for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning
- Low pressure casting

Tiger Application & Use Cases Examples: the Tiger's design optimizes performance in lower grip situations. Suggested for Shifter and TAG classes when you are looking for more grip at corner exit, allowing for maximum acceleration. Also very useful in single speed karts on tracks with long sweeping corners leading onto long duration high speed sections of the track.