AMV 9F MG 50mm x 95mm takanapa

AMV 9F MG 50mm x 95mm takanapa
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Tuotenumero: AMV 9F HUB
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AMV 9F MG 50mm x 95mm takanapa

The 9F Hub's Design & Advantages

- the result of years of extensive R&D and testing, the 9F is the most technologically advance 50mm hub available, providing:

Superior heat dissipation & more consistent tire temperature
Superior fit resulting in enhanced axle stiffness
95mm length perfect for 100cc and TAG classes
Innovation - The 9 hole design allows for superior heat dissipation.

When combined with the 9F Wheels with matching holes, a heat extraction effect is created, further improving the heat dissipation and helping maintain a consistent tire pressure even on the hottest days.

High-Quality Fit - The hub's "small bolt" functions as a pivot allowing a slightly smaller inner diameter. Unlike classic hubs, the 9F more completely contacts the axle resulting in increased axle stiffness. This tighter adherence also helps prevent hub movement during a race.